Monte Sant'Angelo

Monte Sant’Angelo, the highest center on the Gargano Promontory (843 meters), is situated in a wonderful panoramic position on a spur of the Gargano overlooking the Tavoliere westwards and the Gulf of Manfredonia southwards.
The town is given atmosphere by the steep streets and the design of its medieval Junno quarter with its ancient, characteristic terraced houses.
Rich in history and tradition, Monte Sant’Angelo developed around the V century around the cult of the archangel Michael, the warrior angel who transformed this religious centre into a place of nationwide devotion.
As matter of fact, the interest of the whole township  is centered on the Archangel’s Sanctuary built over the grotto where the saint is supposed to have appeared. Constructed between the V and XI centuries, it contains some precious works of art, including a bishop’s throne and a much-revered alabaster statue of the Archangel.
In a short time, Monte Sant’Angelo became renowned for the whole Christendom as well as an obliged destination for pilgrims coming from all over the world.