City Tax in Manfredonia

The Municipality of Manfredonia introduced the City Tax, based on the legislative decree No. 47 of December 22nd 2015, to be paid for hotel stays as of January 1st 2019.
The city tax is intended for all hotel categories. The Tourist Tax is applied to all guests who stay at the Regiohotel Manfredi, in every room categories.

The amount of the fee, to be paid at the end of the stay, is calculated as follows:
- € 2.00 per person, per night, for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights (it is not calculated from the 8th night onwards)

a)residents in the Municipality of Manfredonia
b)minors under the age of 14 years
c)patients under therapy admitted to the health facilities located in the provincial territory, with appropriate medical certification (with 1 carer per patient)
h) Tourist groups’ bus driver (1 exempted bus driver every 25 persons)
d) escorts of patients admitted to the local health facilities (1 companion)
e) parents of minors admitted to local health facilities (2 persons per patient)
f) non-self-sufficient disabled people with appropriate medical certification, and one carer
g)commuter workers (with appropriate employer’s certificate)

The city tax must be settled upon checkout (to be paid cash)
** The application of the exemptions (d and f) is subject to submission by the guests of a special statement issued by the healthcare facility where the patient is hospitalized, which certifies the generality and the reference period of the services related to the patient. The accompanying person must declare according to the art. 46-47 of the D.P.R. of 4545 of 2000 and s.m.i. that the stay at the accommodation is aimed at health care towards the patient.

* The amount of the City Tax could be modified by the City of Manfredonia without prior notice