Discover Siponto and its excavations on October 7th.

Next Saturday, October 7th, there will be an Open Day at the archaeological excavations of Siponto as part of the excavation campaign conducted by the Universities of Bari and Foggia.

During the event, Viale Giuseppe Di Vittorio will be pedestrianized, allowing visitors to reach the excavations on foot or by bicycle. Guided tours of the excavations will be available, during which it will be possible to discover the latest findings of the ongoing investigations, including the urban walls, a medieval church, a cemetery, and a medieval building. Workshops and educational activities will be organized, including a simulated excavation area for children.

Numerous historical reenactment associations will recreate Roman and medieval settings at the excavation site, involving university students as well. In the afternoon, there will be musical and theatrical performances, including those by the Camerata Mvsica Antiqva, the Bottega degli Apocrifi theatrical company, and the Schola Gregoriana Choir. The Siponto Archaeological Park will remain open until 10:00 PM.

The event is made possible thanks to the support of local associations and the community, and there will also be an appendix to the Open Day on October 9th at the Church of Santa Chiara in Manfredonia, including a conference and a concert.

This Open Day is part of the CHANGES - Cultural Heritage Active Innovation for Sustainable Society project and falls within the activities of Spoke 1: Historical Landscapes, Traditions, and Cultural Identities.